Picture inserted as a Header prints different sizes when using Microsoft print to PDF printer

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A picture inserted as a Header in excel prints different sizes on different computers when using 'Microsoft print to PDF' printer, does anyone know why? 

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I don't know why. It may have something to do with the settings of the Microsoft Print to PDF "printer". What I do know is that -in general- pictures printed from Excel don't necessarily print with the same aspect ratio on different systems and/or on different printers. The aspect ratio can be fixed by trial and error but it can still differ from one user to the other I'm afraid.

@Jan Karel Pieterse thank you, we are trying to get the different printers to print with the same aspect ratio between different users.

I'm afraid I do not have good news for you: if it is important to you to get the aspect ratio exactly the same for all combinations, you are out of luck. This is nigh-on impossible to achieve reliably and consistently. Each combination of Windows, machine, user, printer make and model and driver settings is likely to be consistent from one print job to the next, but the result from other combinations is often different.