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I am hoping someone can help. I am in a statistics class that requires that we use Excel. In the book, she uses Excel 2013 as an example to produce static results, equations, graphs, etc. In the beginning the only thing that she did was add-in Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak - VBA. Then she refers to almost everything as going to Add-in > PHStat . I can not find the PHStat. I have ask Microsoft help and I have searched under help. Help showed me a PHStat but not how to locate it or add it. 


a couple of the things that I am looking for are


Add-Ins > PHStat > Probability & Prob. Distributions > Binomial

Add-Ins > PHStat > Probability & Prob. Distributions > Posson

Add-Ins > PHStat > Confidence Intervals > Estimate for the Mean, sigma known



Please help

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Hi Kayla,


Never used it, but here is how to install PHStat


i dont know where you get the zip of the phstat.
i was hoping there  was a free add in for excel but sadly there wasnt even a free trial for it.

I'm not sure if free version exists, at least legal one. Official version is from here

(Being answered by the developer of PHStat.)

Although this question is old, some still ask this.

PHStat is a separate, paid download from Pearson. There is no free version.


Certain Pearson textbook packages include the necessary code to download PHStat.


If you use a rented or used textbook, you will need to go the PHStat home page  to register and obtain a copy for a nominal fee.


The install is basically unzipping files from the downloaded zip archive and the zip archive contains a PDF readme file that provides instructions and details technical requirements.