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I have a large collection of photos in Excel BUT when I insert row to add more phots the text moves down but the photos associated with that text do not move. I can't individually set the MOVE properties for each photo - is there a global way of ensuring that phots move with text.

My old excel allowed this automatically but Excel 365 doesn't


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Hi @Kezza0065,


You need to add a new note to the cell


Hover your mouse over the border of the note and right click it



Then you will select format comment and a dialog box pops up, select colors and lines, then click on the drop down arrow of the Fill color and select fill effects



another dialog box will pop up, select the picture tab and select the picture


this dialog box will popup:


you can then select the picture you want to attach to that cell so when you insert a cell above it your picture will move with the cell.





@Kezza0065 , are you sure that you are selecting the correct row before inserting  row above?

Note the different behaviour of Excel as you insert row in below example. In case you select red row, then the image will not move with the sample text. In case you select green row, then image will move with the sample text. The key is that the top of the selected row should be above the top of the picture as indicated by arrows.





That's bit strange since in that part Excel 365 (if we speak about desktop version) has the same behavior as previous versions.

You may check and change Move property for all pictures at once such way

Home->Find & Select -> Go To Special -> Select Objects. All pictures will be selected, right click on any one and Format Object. Here properties could be changed for all pictures.


Firmly anchor the image in the row
Right mouse button -> Format graphic -> Properties -> Tick "depending on cell position and size" should help

Hope the information can help you

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