Photos don't move with cells

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I'm having a problem with 2 issues photos not moving with cells.


Issue #1: Whenever I insert a sheet row, sort, etc. the photos are staying in their physical location and not moving with the cell they are in. Previously they would move but possibly resize themselves. All photos are fully within their cell and set to "move but don't size with cells". I tried "move and size with cells" with the same result.


Issue #2: When I copy and paste a row from another document, the photos resize themselves to be 3-4 times longer than the original. Same as above, all photos are set to "move and with cells" and are completely within their cell.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give! I have searched through all of the settings in Excel without finding anything regarding photos. I am working on a plants list for a client in my landscape design company - constantly adding to and rearranging the list, copying from my master plants list, so this is a major pain.



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It is unusual. Is it possible to upload an example file / part of an example file with confidential data removed and photos replaced with some dummy photos? Then community might be able to diagnose and help better. Is the behaviour OK if you start with a blank excel file and simulate with any example dummy photos? i.e. the issue is with Excel in general or a file in particular?



Thanks for your reply. I tried copying and pasting a part of my master plants file into a new document as you suggested. The photos resized when I pasted them into the new doc. I fixed them and then sorted by the first column. Initially it worked just fine. But generally my rows are of different heights, so I backed up and made some rows shorter before sorting (made the photos smaller as well to fit). After sorting rows of different heights, the row height did not sort with the data - so then the photos from taller rows ended up in smaller rows and didn't have enough room. These are the same issues I've had for about 2 years.


The good news is that when I used the new document, I did not have the same issue with the photos when I inserted new rows, so that seems to be a file-specific issue. 

@AngeladH , well, can't help with the sorting thing because it is the design of excel that when you sort, the data is sorted but the row heights don't. But there is a way by which you can properly copy-paste the images from source file to destination file without disturbing the image size and its position in the cells.


Key :  Before pasting the images, make sure that the destination cells rows height and column width matches exactly same as that of source cells.


So first insert blank rows at destination,

Then you can manually enter the row and column width of destination cell to same value as source cell.

Then copy-paste the rows from source to destination.


It may be handy to use the format painter option in case copying multiple consecutive rows.


The steps with screenshot are in attached example file, pls. check if it helps.