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I am attempting to create a way to print my pre-printed personal bank checks.  I want to leave everything that is pre-printed on the check, load that check into my printer, and then type into Excel to who I am writing the check, the amount, date, written amount, and memo.  That's it.  How do I do this?

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Why Excel? Why not Word? And if you are wanting to do multiple checks or repeating this on a scheduled (e.g., monthly) basis, use Excel as the source for a Word Mail Merge.


The reason I would suggest Word: you will have a lot more control over placement of the text in Word. There may even be (or you could create) a template that is designed for pre-printed checks.

Thanks for your input, but I don't know how to do it on word either lol @mathetes 


I don't know how to do it on word either


As I said, the formatting--getting things to print in the right spaces--would be easier to control in Word, though it would take some tinkering.


But you could also do what I just did and google the request for templates for check printing. One result, of many, is the one linked here.  That link includes instructions for how to use the Excel template that you can download free.

Thanks for your help, but these things are a pain in the butt for me. I wish someone would make an easy-to-use program where a person can take their personal bank checks, put them in a printer of any kind, open the software, type the info in, and voila, the check comes out with the correct info on it. It should be as easy as writing the check out of your checkbook but using a printer to do it.
Hello Hotes,
I do second mathetes suggestion of MS-Word mail merge from a MS-Excel worksheet. I would start here and let us know how far you get and we can help you along the way. I tell you the best way to learn is by using all your faculties and sooner than later you will have your own custom made solution and will be able to maintain it and add features to it.

Look here for suggestions:

Once you get started you will enjoy this project and remember we are all here for you to ask questions and get advise. After this, we will be asking you for help! Go for it...

Thanks for that link.  It works well.  Now if I can only get my printer to co-operate lol @mathetes