Personal Cash Flow Projections Based on Item, Frequency, Next Due Date, and Amount

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I want to build a forward-looking personal cash flow budget. I want to create a table that contains the following columns: Item, Frequency, Start Date (or Next Due Date), and Dollar Amount. I would then like excel to project out a daily forward-looking cash flow statement in one tab, a monthly view in the next tab, and an annual view in the 3rd tab. I would like to create that logic in excel that can project out the different scenarios based on the inputs assigned in the table once to a budget item. Thanks in advance for your help. If you would like me to mock up an excel document that illustrates what I’m trying to describe, just let me know.

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If you would like me to mock up an excel document that illustrates what I’m trying to describe, just let me know.


Go for it.


In the process, you might just be able to create it yourself. But having you create that mock-up would provide a good start for the rest of us. It would be nice, for example, to know what variables you'd want to include; given that there really are only a few budget items that are truly fixed, month to month; most go up, down, sideways, to varying degrees, from month to month. How much of a part should "randomness" play?


Thank you for following up on my question!

Forgive me but I was unable to determine how to attach the excel workbook I created, so here is a screenshot. Your point about randomness is an accurate one. I would like excel to create the cash flow budget based on the criteria outlined in the image below. I would then like the ability to manually edit values when the actual amount has posted. 




If you actually have that all in the form of a spreadsheet, place it on OneDrive or Google Drive and share a link here. It's next to impossible t work with images without re-creating them, and in this case it'd just be a lot easier if you shared your headstart..

Did you manage to create a document like this? I need to create a similar one now; I have no idea how to do that. It would be cool if you could share some tips or formulas you used. Recently I decided to learn more about finances and read an article named “What is the DCF.” Since that moment, I have wanted to pursue this career because I understand the financial business better than any other. But I need to learn to use all the tools from Microsoft Office to be accepted in any company. I took some classes online, and it was one of the tasks. That’s why I would really appreciate any help.