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I have a Mac running Ventura and Excel 16.62. How do I set up Excel so all worksheets are Read Write permanently. Sometimes my worksheets revert to read only even if the get info window shows them to be read write.


I contacted Microsoft Support and they sent me a link


Zameer (Microsoft)
Monday, March 20, 2023 12:18 AM GMT
Dear Tony,
Microsoft Support

Privacy Policy | Address: Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052


It didn't solve my problem and now Microsoft cannot find my account details


I am a feeble minded and near sighted octogenarian and wold much appreciate your help



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If you go to using your browser, can you login there using the microsoft account you used to purchase Microsoft 365 (assuming that you had a subscription). Do you have the credentials?
Hello Karen
My purchase of Office 365 appears in my Microsoft account as at June 2022. What further information do you need

From this page:
You should be able to download and install Office on your computer. Or am I missing the point of your question?
Hello Jan Karel Pieters

My apologies if I have not made myself clear. I already own a copy of Office
365. My initial request for help dated 30th March sets out my problem.

Your further help would be most appreciated


@Explorer16  Apologies for not getting the problem

These "read-only" files, where are they stored? Do you get some sort of message when Excel opens one of them?

Is this discussion relevant to your situation by any chance: 

Hello Jan Karel
The read only files are stored in the same folder on my hard disk as when they were read write. The only notification I get to indicate they are read only when I open them is next to the filename in the green top of the file it will indicate read only. It appears that part of my problem is that files that open read write seem to change to read only after I have made changes.

When I try to save these files I am given the option to save a copy as read write

Do you have other files like txt writeable in the same folder ?
how about try move excel files to other folder(new created)?
Hi and thanks for your suggestion
The only files I have in the folder are EXCEL files. I have checked all 14 files and all are read write. I will have to wait and

I have just opened an Excel file and it is headed read only. When I check in finder the same file comes up read and write. When i make a change and close the file it will not let me to save changes and opens a dialogue box asking me to save as Copy Of