Permanently changing the default excel date format from dd-mmm to mm/dd/yy for all future files.


For as long as I can remember, I have had to manually reformat dates in excel from the default 20-Jun (dd-mmm) format to something that people actually use (never seen dd-mmm anywhere but as default in excel).


Is there a way to never have to do this again by changing the default in all new .xls files I create?  Not sure how the current default was chosen, but not something any person/company/business unit I have ever worked with/in has used.


I would be forever thankful if I didn't have to manually reformat again :).  Thank you!

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@zookjones Check the regional (date) settings on your computer. Excel follows whatever you have specified there.


No, this does not do it.  Excel is hardwired to convert anything that resembles a date with day and month to dd-mmm.  The regional / date settings have nothing to do with it.

You can force it to a halfway sensible date format like dd/mm/yyyy (mm/dd/yyyy is not anything like sensible) by entering dates that way e.g. 12/09/2022.  But that forces you to type in all the redundant info that you could avoid if you could just type in the date in the simplest format (12/9).


This has been a huge annoyance for me for the entire 25+ years I have been using Excel.


WTF can't they just give users a choice?

@Andy Owen I believe you are right, Though, personally I'm not bothered by this, but you could always notify MS via the Feedback option.