Performance issues in Excel 2016 after resent Update

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I've had a few apparent issues after the resent update to Windows and Office 365. I have a Workbook with several worksheets that use VBA and Userforms to to collect and organize data. One issue was with VLOOKUP. When is would attempt to copy the formula to another sell the formula would update to the next row of information, but the value in the cell would remain unchanged.  I learned from the Community that there are setting that can affect this and there was. This setting was apparently changed during the update process for everything was working find before hand.


Now I discover that the VBA Userforms are running SUPPER SLOWWWW :-(. They perform the task to completion, but data-entry is pointless. Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

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I've learned that this issue is related to Excel in general for simply tabbing from one cell to another takes a few seconds. Please fix this issue; Excel has become a burden.

I reviewed a saved back-up of my main workbook. The UserForms were made before the recent update and they worked fine; no lag what so ever. I copied a few worksheets to that back-up workbook and recreated some UserForm Controls that preformed slowly. This appears to me to be an issue caused by the most recent update to either Windows 10, Office 365, Excel 2016, or all of them.


This has put a "Monkey Wrench" into my data-entry activities. Can anyone comment on similar issues? I fear that I may have to use another spreadsheet application if this is not resolved. :-(

Now the whole Excel application is so slow I can cook dinner before I can move from one cell to another! :(. Is no one else experiencing this lag? I geuss I'll have to port everything to Google sheets:(

I also experience much slower speeds when using formulas - particularly obvious when using vlookup with the reference to another file in a network location.

Happened after an upgrade to windows 10 and is apparent on all Excel files which are the same since before the upgrade

Update for Office 2016 has caused Excel and Outlook to perform very slowly. For example spell check corrections in Outlook taken 5 to 6 seconds to complete and another 10 seconds to send emails. Excel copy and pasting using key strokes takes 4-6 seconds to complete or window for special past to appear. (Then another 4-6 to complete paste)   How do I undo the update or fix it?

Bob, that's something wrong in your configuration, in general Office 2016 and Office 365 work fast enough. With exception of some very specific cases, but it depends on with what and how to compare.

I am a layman not a techy so I need a little more information. How do I check the configuration to determine what the update changed that is causing very slow performance?

We ran across a similar issue with Excel and have not been able to resolve this.  I did a  quick repair for office on several computers and the issue fixed itself for a short time, then reoccurred. Complaints of slow responsive Excel to actual cells not working when you click the areas of the worksheet.


We may have to think about turning off updates to Office until there is a fix.


Has anyone come up with any solution since this post was first noted?


Thank you for any help

The problem has returned for Excel but still ok with Outlook.  The protocol that stopped the problem for a while was to disable add ins and then re-enable them.   Once I restarted PC and Re-enable programs and links the problem went away.  I shut off updates to office by 

1. sOpen Excel.

2. Click File>select Account.

3. Click Update Options>select Disable Update



@Andrew Mesplay  I've been having the same issues - a large spreadsheet with a lot of lookups would take 30-45 minutes to update. Just as a point of comparison, my laptop died, and I have a loaner with Excel 2013 and Windows 7, and the same spreadsheet updates in a couple of minutes

@Andrew Mesplay I also just had my windows and microsoft office product key updated and have noticed a marked difference in excel performance pre and post update. What normally takes under 5 seconds (removing filters on a sheet of large data with formulas; these not being too complex) is now taking 10-20 minutes. Like wth?!!!! It is so frustrating, I am now seriously considering signing up for power bi because excel is no longer performing up to par with standards previously observed.