PDF Hyperlinks (in onedrive) are opening online

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I have an excel table with many pdf links, all stored in onedrive.

Everytime i want to open a link, it goes to browser and opens onedrive folder online then opens pdf file in onedrive view.

I need them to just quickly open locally in Acrobat reader.

This is where it sends me everytime i click on a pdf link:


I just want it to open the file on my pc not online in a browser. It is very inconvenient and takes 5 seconds to open a pdf.

Is that possible?

I'm using latest version of Excel 365 on Windows 10.

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Maybe it helps...

a) Go to your OneDrive icon, which is usually located in the bottom right corner.
b) Right-click and select Settings.
c) You will see several taps in the settings window. Select the Office tab
d) You will see a checkmark appear on "Office *version* to sync...".
e) Unmark and press OK.


Hope I could help you with these information.



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