PDF file as printer output

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I have a pfd file with all my business info.
At the moment i first print the excel sheet on paper and than copy this to the previous printed pfd
file. Is there a way to directly way to print an excel sheet to a pdf file ?

Thanks for any suggestions

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All recent versions of Excel are able to export a range, sheet or workbook to a PDF file.

Either select PDF format in the Save As dialog, or select File > Export > Create PDF/XPS..


You'd need dedicated PDF software to combine the exported PDF file with an already existing PDF file

@Hans Vogelaar 

thanks for the reply. Please mention an example of that specific software.



If you search your favorite search engine for merge pdf online you'll find several free options.

For stand-alone software, for example Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor, Nitro PDF, ...