Path/File access error (Error 75)

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I am having an issue in my excel. So I have a build macro specifically for data organizer and cleaner. This is what I'm facing, Every time I upload the data file to do its things it starts the process and when its completely done it shoots me this error :  

Path/File access error (Error 75)


now after that nothing was successfully done and not operating at all. now i have use this same excel with other files with large data it works and with small amounts of data as well and it works. but recently it started shooting this error. i have read some forums on Microsoft on how to get this code resolve but I cant seem to fix it any help with some visual step by step scenarios to get this taken care of?

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A little more information would be helpful :).

VBA code? Operating system?

Office version?

Storage medium (hard drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.)?


If I might guess, it's probably the path (in the entered variables, in the VBA code),

this must not start with http://sharepoint..., but only with \\sharepoint ...

then it should it actually work

...If not, plese more information.


Hope I was able to help you with this info.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

i have no idea what practical steps i should take to fix this issue? i am using excel and when i upload files to macros once it finishes give me this error: Path/File access error (Error 75)


I know it's annoying when software that is often used as a tool like Excel suddenly doesn't work.
It can be frustrating not being able to do your usual work.
I ask for your patience and understanding, as only you can see the problem and describe it to us.

Provide precise information about your digital environment in advance.
Which Excel version do you use?
What operating system does your PC have?
Where are the files stored (on your PC or on OneDrive or Sharepoint)?
Can you paste this macro you made?
"So I have a build macro specifically for data organizer and cleaner."
What do you mean by this statement?
Does this all only happen on this specific file?
Can you paste this file (without sensitive data) here?

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