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I want to paste a selection of multiple cells containing different numbers like A2 contains 83, A3 contains 55, A4 contains 14, etc. And I want to paste them in a column containing only zeros and blank cells. I want the paste to skip all the blank cells and override the zero's, but if I select only the cells with a zero I can't paste and get an error: "This action won't work on multiple selections".


Skipping blanks with special paste doesn't work either since it skips the blanks in the range that I am pasting and not the blanks in the range im pasting into.


Please help!

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Excel does not support this. You'll have to sort the target  column in such a way that the target cells form a contiguous range. You can then paste into that range. Finally, if necessary, restore the original sort order.

Bedankt Hans,
Vrij vreemd dat dit niet kan in excel. Lijkt me vrij simpel om er in te coderen en ook iets wat erg handig zou zijn.


Je kan Microsoft een suggestie doen in Bestand > Feedback


If you're ok to use vba I can write a macro to do that.

It works like this:
Run the code > an inputbox will pop up > select the range to copy > OK > another inputbox will pop up > select the range to paste (select the first cell only) > OK

Let me know if you're interested in this method.