Pasting excel spreadsheet w/pic into outlook alters format




Hoping to get some assistance with this. When I paste an excel spreadsheet that has an embedded image into an outlook message, the embedded picture always appears outside of the pasted area. I checked my formatting in excel to make sure the pic is locked to the cell its in, but it always shows outside of it when its pasted into outlook. I do not want to paste as a pic(which works in theory) because the actual spreadsheet I'm trying to paste includes hyperlinks I need to stay active. 


Any Ideas? I've included some screengrabs of my issue. 

In Excel:

Untitled picture.png



In outlook:


Untitled picture1.png

Much appreciated

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I don't know if you have already solved the problem, but as far as I've tried it with my Outlook (Office 2016 Pro) it works without any problems inserting it.

If I may recommend, even if it sounds so banal, sometimes it helps if you carry out an update and then an Office repair immediately afterwards. If this does not help, starting Outlook in safe modus can sometimes do miracles :)).


Hope I was able to help you with this info.


Thank you for your understanding and patience