Pasting a formula and it works for some but not all cells

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I have a value in one sheet named Graded1.  I have copied the merged cells (EFGH) and pasted to FinalGR sheet and created the formula =Graded1!E14 and =Graded1!E3 without and difficulty.  I have repeated the process for E25 and all that appears in the box is the formula =Graded1!E25.  It just will not copy the formula no matter what I do.  Am I going bonkers?

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what is in those merged cells? Are they part of what you're trying to copy? If so, that could be the difficulty....merging cells is generally not a good practice while you're still developing a workbook. It's fine (though potentially problematic) if you're at the final stage and just doing it for a "nice looking" report, but try to avoid merging prematurely.

Will try and unmerge and thank you