Password protecting VBA and VBA Properties not working

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For some reason, Excel will not password protect my VBA code. As I understand it, in the VBA editor I select "Tools", then "VBAProject properties...". In the popup dialog under the "General" tab, I provide a "Project Name", a "Project Description". I then select the "Protection" tab, check the "Lock project for viewing", enter the "Password" and "Confirm password".


After this I save the Workbook, and close Excel. However, when I then open the Workbook again, the Project Name, Description and Password do not exist as though the properties were never set in the first place.


I'm using Excel as part of office 365 suite (fully updated) on Windows 10 OS (also fully up to date), x64.


Any ideas, or am I just missing something obvious?


many thanks



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that should work. Do you have the project explorer window open? you also need to make sure the selected project is the project you wanted to lock. I find it easier to right click the project in the project explorer window and go to properties that way.