Partial Match - domains to email addresses

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I have two columns, column A with domain names (around 500), column B with email addresses (around 5000) - how can I identify email addresses that contain the domains? 


For example, if my list of domains is:


I need to identify email addresses that contain:, / 


Thank you! 


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I suggest conditional formatting to identify all email addresses for a certain domain. I entered data validation for all domains (3 in this example) in A1 and chose "" and all email addresses containing "" in column B are highlighted.

I entered this formula (rule) for conditional formatting;


and in the manager for conditional formatting, in the field "applies to" i entered:


This can be adjusted to the requirements.

Thank you so much for your time and advice! @Quadruple_Pawn

I am not super familiar with data validation either, would you mind attaching your spreadsheet?
I am testing out your formulas as we speak.

Thanks again!