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I have data from spectrum analyzer which consists of 2 columns.

col A is frequency and col B is spectral data.

I would  like to parse that data to extract what frequencies are above defined value.

I thought vlookup would work but doesn't appear to do the trick.

Any suggestions as to what functions that can be used for this task?


Example: What function would be used to extract frequencies (Col A) that have a value > -40?

I want the function to return the freq(s) and the value(s) that are > -40.

A       B    

0.1    -42

0.5    -40

1.0    -35

1.5     0

2.0    -35

2.5    -40

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Your description "parse that data to extract what frequencies are above defined value" is ambiguous. If your extraction criterion is only the frequency, no parsing is necessary; you could just FILTER the data (either manually or by formula). If the extraction criterion is embedded in the spectral data, you will need to be more specific. Also, remember that to use VLOOKUP, the data must be sorted by the lookup value (frequency?).

It is best to post a small example of your data, and identify the expected results.



The FILTER function would do this. you will need a relatively new version of Excel to employ it. Here's a good intro.


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RESOLVED: Conditional filters work