Page vs Image Scaling

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I would like to use an image as the background for an excel sheet. This is to form the cover page of the workbook. 

I have inserted an image as fill within a text box and given the text box/image the same dimensions as a standard A4 page. I then reduced the page margins to 0mm (I appreciate a standard printer cannot print with 0mm margins but lets put that issue aside for now). When I view the sheet in print preview with scaling set to 'No Scaling' the image does not fit on the page by quite some way. The image appears to be too wide but it is about the right height.


If I set scaling to 'Fit Sheet on One Page' the scale appears to be off again with the image now the correct width but approx. 5cm too short.


The page size is set to A4. What am I doing wrong? 

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