Page up or down jumps to cell in top row

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This is a new problem for me. and I am battling when scrolling down in worksheets. (Office 2016)

Using page down the active cell automatically jumps to the top row, so when I start using the arrow key, I am at the top of the page again.

I have repaired and reinstalled excel with no luck. It is probably just a small setting, but I'm stuck.

I've checked scroll lock and i use freeze panes

Can anybody please help?

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@ShelaghW hello, have you find a solution to this? I've been having this problem for weeks now

Similar issue was posted and provided some step to solve the issue , link is provided just try it
Yes, this has been super annoying. Same thing when highlighting and paging up or down. Really hope there is a fix for this. Driving me crazy.

@sivakumarrj It didn't work for me

Yes, it happens when highlighting and paging up or down, I don't have any choice for now but to deal with it
I agree with all of the comments. I thought I was losing my mind. This is VERY irritating when you are trying to select thousands of records. If you go beyond the number of records you need and need to use the arrow keys to narrow your selection, it goes to the top of the column.

This is defeating the purpose we need it for and doubling our work!
I just started having the same problem a few days ago. This is driving me crazy. Does anyone have a solution?

Precisely the same problem here in Slovakia; the issue started a week ago and driving me mad.
I thought my laptop was infected, but I can see now the virus is not a problem.
I use Windows 10 and MS Office 365
Reinstalling Ms Office did not help.
I am going to restore the computer from the image disk created three weeks ago.

Microsoft has not provided any solution yet ???

I'm having the same issue, I assumed it was my laptop. Started happening a couple of days ago.

Same issue. I'm using the same spreadsheet that has worked great for years in Windows 10 and just got a new laptop using Windows 11 and began encountering this exact issue. On rare occasions when I first open the spreadsheet, it will work as expected but then it will start behaving as ShelaghW described.

Please fix this Microsoft! It is very difficult to navigate on large spreadsheets with this type of behavior. Not having this proper navigation feels like I'm using a competitors "sheet".

@sivakumarrj It didn't work for me.  The particular add-in described in the link was not active in my spreadsheet.

I was hoping someone has found a solution for this nagging issue!

I'm having the same problem in Excel 2021. It's very annoying and interrupts my workflow.
I've sent information on this to Microsoft (including the link to this Tech Community post) through Excel Feedback (HELP menu | FEEDBACK). I seriously doubt my one message will do anything; but if anyone reading this would do the same and flood them dislikes of this bug, it might get them to take notice and action.

@ShelaghW   Hey everyone - I FOUND A SOLUTION!!!  I had recently started using a feature called "text cursor indicator".  It is under Settings->Ease of Access->Text Cursor.  It's a neat feature that allows you to turn on a cursor indicator so it is easier to find where your cursor currently is.  The indicator size and color can be customized as well.  It's especially useful when editing Word documents.  Anyway, I had the indicator turned on, and that's when I started having this Excel problem.  When I turned it back off and restarted my machine, the problem went away!!  

Thanks for information... however, in my case, this setting was already turned off and since I don't recall having messed with it, presume it has been off the whole time.
@jmwilliams - thanks so much! I turned on this feature as well a few weeks ago and, while it's very helpful, it's not worth the pains it causes in Excel. Now, hopefully, MS will fix this bug.

@ShelaghW Do we have any new work arounds for this? I just started experiencing the same issue. Need help.



I have found that this generally only occurs when I have panes frozen. I found unfreezing and re-freezing panes temporarily works (need to further test this to ensure it's a more permanent solution). For now I am doing this in every file I run into this problem, and while the file remains open it seems to be working.


Hoping a more permanent solution is released.