Page Numbering in the footer

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I have a number of pages within a number of worksheets and I'm trying to number all the pages. Currently I have 19 pages to be numbered  over 10 worksheets, some worksheets have 1 page others have 2,3 or 4 pages and those worksheets that have more than one page to them keep getting the same number to every page regardless of what I do to try and change it for every page.

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If you are working with older versions then do the following:


  1. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Header & Footer.
  2. Click to add Footer/Header.
  3. Header & Footer has sections  Left, Center and  Right section. 
  4. Hit the section you want to enter the Page number.
  5. from the Design tab, in the Header/Footer, click Page Number.

If you are working with new versions then do the following:


  1. Hit the View TAB, and select Page Layout View.
  2. You find that the look of the sheet has changed.
  3. Scroll the screen down, you find FOOTER.
  4. Click it, you get it's section Left, Center and  Right.
  5. Choose the section you want Page Number & from the Design TAB insert the Page Number field.