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I am creating a quote/estimate document for our customers and have several different worksheets, some of which have more than 1 page. What I want to do is number all worksheets, except for the 1st one which is a cover letter and has a different footer. I also want the numbering to show as 1/total pages.


So far I have managed to number my worksheets but both are showing up with page 1 on them. This will not make sense when we print out the entire document. 


  • How do I get the numbers to run on from worksheet to worksheet?
  • How do I get the numbers to show up as 1/total # of pages?

Thanks in advance.

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This takes some steps.

1. Select all sheets in question, starting from the left (control-click on their tabs)
2. On the ribbon, on the page layout tab, in the page setup group, click on the tiny arrow in the bottom-right corner.
3. Click the Header/footer tab
4. Check the box "Different first page"
5. Click custom Footer
6. On the first tab ("Footer"), enter this into the box where you wish the page numers to appear:
"&[Page]-1 of &[Pages]-1 "
enter without those quotes. Please note there is a deliberate space after the last 1!!!
7. Click the first page footer and enter whatever footer you wish to have on the first page

Hi Jan,


This didn't quite work for me. It's still treating each worksheet as a separate document. So, for example my third worksheet has two pages but those are showing 0 of 1 and 1 of 1. They are not taking into account that I have two worksheets before it and accounting for those pages.


Any ideas why this could be?

You must also select all worksheets you wish to combine into the print, before printing.

I've got it working a little better although the first page says 0 of 6. Shouldn't it be 1 of 6?

I assumed you did not want to include the first page in the page count, hence the two "-1" in the footer I proposed :-)


I have sort of the opposite issue-I would like to treat each sheet as an independently numbered exhibit within a large PDF containing multiple exhibits. So exhibit A containing 3 sheets would say "1 (or 2, etc.) of 3" and exhibit 2 containing 5 sheets would be numbered  "1 (or 2, etc.) of 5".  It seems that by definition when I indicate that I want to print (or save as PDF) all worksheets, excel counts all the printed sheets, and the header says "1 of 8". Is there a solution to this?



Not that I know of, other than reserving cells on each page to manually enter the page count, which is rather cumbersome. Word is by far the better application for things like this.

@jb567 I may have a solution for you. So to get each sheet to start over as a new item all you need to do is right click on one of the sheets click select all sheets then:

Page Layout>Page Setup>Small Arrow>Page tab 


Under the item First page number as default it would say "auto" change that to 1.


In the same menu but under the tab header/footer

Custom footer>Choose a section of the footer you want to add your numbering>Click insert number (looks like a single page with a # on it) >Click the item next to it insert number of pages>OK


Now all your sheets will start from page 1 as an independent file and be numbered independently as e.g Sheet 1 - 1 of 5, Sheet 2 - 1 of 6 etc.


Hope this helps :)




Hi @mossi786 ,

I have the same issue as @jb567, but your reply didn't work for me.

When following your instructions the only thing that changes is that now every time a new sheet starts it will start with 1 and continue numbering from there keeping the document total number of pages.

For an example, if a Worksheet has 2 sheets with total of 15 pages, and the second sheet has 5 pages, the numbering of the second sheet displays - Page 1 of 15 until Page 5 of 15 instead displaying Page 1 of 5.

Hope jb567 found some other solution to his problem which doesn't include printing every sheet separately, or maybe I misunderstood your instructions.




Hello @SIBgd365,


I also have the same issues as yours. I want to export multiple works sheets to PDF with the page number at footer shown as a separate sheets by selecting the sheets and export at the same time.

Have you found the solution to this?


Thank you. Khanh Mai

I have a document in work that is a book I need page numbers. I have 1 to 171 but it need to go to351. Help me please