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Good day - I have a series of pages divided into monthly sections. The trial print-outs show that the last five (5) rows of cells are not being printed but being added to the next sheet of pare. I have tried several 'naive' attempts using the various page set-up/margins options in the menu to exploit the 'empty' 48mm footer-space at the bottom of the page but all my attempts have failed.

Am I doing a 'Don Quixote' battle with a windmill?

Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received.

Thank you

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Have you tried adjusting the scale to a smaller percentage of normal size?



@mathetesAs a matter of fact, I did try that but didn't help. But it did lead me to another option in addition to reducing font size: I adjusted the column widths where possible and that cured the problem.

I am most grateful to you nevertheless, for your prompt reply and willingness to help.


Selwyn Rose.

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