Overlayed graphs do not update as new rows are inserted in a table


I have an excel work sheet configured as a table on which I have created two graphs over-layed on the work sheet.  When I first created them, I though they update dynamically as I inserted new rows, but now they no longer do that.  I must create new ones each time I need to update them.  Any solution?

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If you insert new rows in between existing rows of the source range of a chart, they will be included in the source range. But if you insert a new row below the source range, it won't.

A workaround is to turn the source range into a table. When you add rows to the table, they should be included.

@Hans Vogelaar 

The spread sheet is formatted as a table, and I am inserting at the top to keep the latest entries first without needing to keep sorting.  Still, I have this issue with the two graphs overlayed on my spreadsheet table, which will not update with new rows.  They did initially, but no longer.  The range on the supporting formulas  start with the top data row, which is always row two.  The range of the graphs is rows 1-35, which is a subset of the total rows.


The new graphs seem to be updating now.  I'll see how long it lasts.