Overlayed Glucose Chart range grows as I insert new rows.

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This chart used to work correctly, but now it doesn't. Someone help me a couple of years ago, but now something happened and it is broken. I need the chart to do similarly as does the Carbs chart. It should start as row 3 and end at a reasonable row 50. I notice that the Carbs chart has no visible data range under select data, while the Glucose chart does. Can someone help me fix the chart and explain what they did and why. See attachment. The charts are overlayed at the bottom of the 1st page over the Comment column.

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The Carbs chart uses named ranges, but the Glucose chart used fixed ranges. I have changed that.

But there appears to be confusion between several sheets referring to the first quarter.

Thank you. What is the confusion you mentioned.


The Q1Carbs and Q1CarbsDay ranges used for the Carbs chart on the Q 1 sheet refer to cells on the 1st Q sheet. You can inspect the definitions by clicking Name Manager on the Formulas tab of the ribbon.

I am not sure how to resolve the references to "1st Q". Do I just delete them?


No, you should change them to references to Q 1

Won't that cause some redundancy for Q1?


I don't know why you have both 1st Q and Q1 sheets. If you want to keep them both, you should create separate sets of named ranges for each sheet.

I was originally going to archive quarterly, but decided against it. It is not important that I deal with 1st Q any more.