Other users can't refresh my Excel Workbook

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Hi and thanks in advance for any assistance.


A colleague has a workbook which is in a document library in SharePoint.  She has it protected due to the formulas in it.  It is pulling data from another workbook that has client details in it.


Problem: Refresh all is working for her but other users are not able to refresh data.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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@Cdstrev Please check you workbook connection string. You wont' be able to refresh if it is pulling client details data from local machine (say, desktop of your colleague). 




I hope this helps, have a nice day!

@SanthoshKunder thank you. Could you explain how to check you workbook connection string?
You can see it under the 'data' tab. Click on the properties option to see the connection string properties

Thank you. This doesn't appear to be the issue.



The file is stored in SharePoint.


Any help would be appreciated on how to fix this.

You should have write access to the file stored on the SharePoint. Please check your level of access.