Option Symbols-combining elements


I trade on options markets and need a short cut way to combine a Stock Symbol, Option expiration, and Strike Price in an addition-like  fashion.  E.g. I have a list of symbols, expiration dates, and strikes that I want to obtain quotes on.  In order to get the quotes, I need to enter the option symbol, the expiration, option type and the strike as follows:  IBM210507C135.  This is for an option on IBM, expiring on 5-7-21, (C =call; P=put), then the strike price. 

In Excel, I tried to enter the stock symbol (e.g. IBM) in a column, then the common expiration in the next column (with either the  “C” or “P “code) and the strikes in the next column.  Then tried combining them, but I cannot figure out how to do this.  Is there a way??  It would save me typing repetitive data.

Also, while I am asking, is there a way to deconstruct the Option Symbol (e.g. IBM210507C135) to extract the expiration date and/or the strike price?  This would save time when I am recording a position in my records keeping?

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