optimizing excel page with over 2000 formulas

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I've got an an excel that is used to track the following :

  • (col B) Qte of requestis


=NB.SI('Suivi Essai'!G:G;A106)​


  • (Col D) Qte of requests treeted by week


=NB.SI('Suivi Essai'!K:K;A106)​


  • (col F) Qte of requests canceled


=NB.SI.ENS('Suivi Essai'!$K:$K;$A106;'Suivi Essai'!$N:$N;F$1)​


  • (col H) Qte of requests treated Ok


=NB.SI.ENS('Suivi Essai'!$K:$K;$A106;'Suivi Essai'!$N:$N;H$1)​


  • (col J) Qte of requests OK(ish)


=NB.SI.ENS('Suivi Essai'!$K:$K;$A106;'Suivi Essai'!$N:$N;J$1)​


  • (col L) Qte of requests not OK


=NB.SI.ENS('Suivi Essai'!$K:$K;$A106;'Suivi Essai'!$N:$N;L$1)​


  • (col N) Qte of requests OK on second try  


=NB.SI.ENS('Suivi Essai'!$K:$K;$A106;'Suivi Essai'!$N:$N;N$1)​


i've got 1 line per week over currently 3 years (so 156 lines).

My question is :

  • is there a way to optimize this page ?

I've already tried using pivot tables but the problem is that the events are punctual and need to be put into a yearly list (like in the page)


there is multiple users using the file at the same time so i can't deactivate the automatic update for this page

we're all using O365 on win11 and win10

none of use are using the online version but if we could still use it online that would be preferred


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