Opening Excel Templates on SharePoint sites

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I have created an excel template that will be used as a form.  I uploaded the file to SharePoint and created a link.  But when I click on the link, it opens the template as read only.  I want it to create a workbook based on the template.  I know that in File Explorer I would just right click and select "New."  But is there anyway to do this with the SharePoint link?

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Set a custom template for a SharePoint library

When you create a SharePoint document library, you can set a default file type to open when a new file is created (for example, you can set a PowerPoint file as the default file type to open). You can also customize the default file template for that library. For example, you can create a Word template with customized headers and footers, or other custom features, and make it the default template for that library. Then, when you or your users create a new file, it opens in the appropriate program with your customized features.

Note: You must have Full control permissions for the library to set up a template.


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@recourt62 Have you received any answers to this question, I have the same question after seeing the same behavior. I want to send out a link to the file on the sharepoint site and have it open as a new document when someone clicks the link.