Opening a MS Word Mail from Excel

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Office16 being used

Trying to open a MS Word Mail Merge file from within Excel. However, when the Word file opens I am only seeing the first record when I try to use VBA to open it. I am using the following to open the file;

Set wordapp = CreateObject("word.Application")
wordapp.Documents.Open "T:\Daily Pre-Trip Inspection Forms\Daily Pre-Trip Inspection Form - 709530.doc"
wordapp.Visible = True


What method am I missing? Why only one record not the ability to see any other of the documents within the MailMerge?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Just use MailMerge within Word, with Excel as the source data. Adding a VBA routine on top of what is already built in to the two programs and how they work together is unnecessary, redundant.
As for only the first record showing, that's a common question--and IS confusing--but when you run the program (just run without printing to test) assuming you've selected the desired records, they'll all be there.