Online Refresh corrupting data model Excel Desktop app version

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I have noticed some issues over the last 4 weeks with online refresh for Excel that appears to be corrupting the version I open in Excel Desktop app. I can also replicate it.


I have been using a spreadsheet, with  only powerpivot  and a data model (no power query), for over 12 months with my team, its accessible on sharepoint.  


Recently, I have noticed that after on ok online refresh online, when i then open the file in the excel desktop, followed by another refresh , I get a crash to desktop. I have tried to fix, but the file is basically ruined. Everything i try results in crash to desktop inlcuding inspecting  document and running in safe mode makes no difference. It seems as though  the data model in the excel app is broken but it still works in online

Any ideas?


Any ideas?

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Same Problem Appearing with me since few months now, but in my case i am not using Online Refresh rather, using offline Desktop version of Excell and after some time (not fixed) Using Data Model Refresh, the Excell becomes Corrupt (Cannot Save, cannot copy the charts properly etc.) and crashes all opened workbooks when closing the file.
Confirmed that this is a bug based on a recent update. I reverted my version of Office to 16.0.15128.20224 which was released on May 10 and the bug is gone. My pivot tables are refreshing and Excell is not crashing while saving. Thanks to the below post for the idea.