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I am looking to create an excel document as Readnonly, but allow to open with a password to make chgnages.

In desktop excel, when opening it looks like this; but I can only set it to open as read-only in online excel.

In desktop excel, I would create the above under Save As > Tools > General Settings > Password to open.

But the only way of doing this is online excel is to open as read-only for all users.

I would need this to be editable for some users on different systems with a common password, but read only for everyone else. 


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That's within OneDrive Share OneDrive files and folders - Office Support ( or through Share button in Excel Online.  

@Sergei Baklan Thanks for your reply,

The only options with the link provided are to share with everyone with a password, so then all people could edit as they'd need to enter the password to view, or make no changes at all.





I would need the document to be openable to readable but not editable to certain people with the link (not provide them with the password) and editable for select individuals with the password.

Is there a way to do this, please? 


Password could be se by this option


but since it is greyed option is not allowed by your organization. For people within organization you may give R/O or R/W access to the file, they have such access with their own credentials within your organization domain.