Online Excel Formula Returns Value Instead of Blank

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In regular desktop Excel the below formula would make the cell blank (no value). However, in the web version of excel, it is returning a value of 0. I need it to return a blank as the 0 value will cause errors with copy paste of data into other spreadsheets.


Anyone know how to get the result of "" to be blank instead of 0 in online excel?


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A276,'ME Checklist'!A275:$B$500,2,FALSE),"")

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Hi @ltyner 


Try to leave space " ",

in your formula there is no space between the ""

Thank you @Jihad Al-Jarady 

Unfortunately, that does not work either

@ltyner I just tried to recreate that and can't.  can you share the sheet?  are you sure you are getting an error?  try replacing "" with "ERROR" or "9999999" and see if you are even getting an error.

BTW, consider using XLOOKUP(A276,'ME Checklist'!A275:$A$500,'ME Checklist'!B275:$B$500,"") which has a "not found" option built in


In Excel no one formula returns blank as a value, that's awaited functionality. In your case formula returns empty string "", but that's not a blank cell which considered as zero in calculations. For example, if your formula in A1 and it returns empty string, =A1+1 shall give #VALUE! error. If A1 is actually blank result will be 1.

Two variant - or Excel Online in your case has some advanced functionality (or bug), or your copy/paste incorrectly. Without the sample file it's hard to say more.

Sample could be as simple as: in A1 is 1, in B1 is 0, in C1 is =IFERROR(A1/B1,"")