OneDrive Excel Major Cell Formatting Issues

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I have shared access to files on OneDrive that different teams use. One shared file in particular has 8 users in it and it will change formatting of cells (fill color, text color, vertical and horizontal alignment, bold/unbold, text size). They open the files always using the desktop app of Microsoft 365 via a pinned shortcut when you right-click the icon on the taskbar. I have 2 other Excel files on the same OneDrive (one older, one newer) that have never had that issue, though they have 4 or 5 users.


What could be causing the format changes?


I thought it was 2 users in particular, so I removed their access, saved the file without them in it, then added their access back, though that did not fix the problem. The 2 users found out that the other users with access can also see the messed up formatting. If User A fills in a row with information then formats it, User B clicks into the cell, updates with changes, keys Enter, and the formatting changes. It's like once someone else touches the cell and keys Enter or Tab, the formatting is either removed (plain text), or formatted in a completely different way.


I tried searching forums, but have only seen the mention that if it is opened in the web-view, the formatting can be limited, but the desktop app would always be okay.


It hasn't been a high priority, since the content itself still saves in the workbook. The users are getting rather annoyed at their formatting changes, which help alert superiors to approve or look at different items. Thank you for your assistance!

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