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I have a spreadsheet with six columns of data. I've created three different views, each of which uses a different filter on the data.


Is it possible to, for example, provide a link to a view or sheet that defaults to one of these filters? And is it possible for a view to hide one or more columns without affecting the other views? If it's not possible with Views, is there another way?


I'd like to share this sheet with others who have different needs for the information. Some might need to see all columns, some might need just a few columns and filtered in a certain way.

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I think you have a few options to accomplish some of what you're looking to do:


Custom views - You may create and save custom views in the workbook.  This would work for your filtered views.  One downside, if there's at least 1 table in the workbook, this feature is not available.

Create, apply, or delete a custom view - Microsoft Support


Sheet views: - these are mostly used with co-authoring workbooks stored in the cloud. Sheet Views are available in desktop/web versions of Excel.  It's helpful when you're working with others at the same time on the same file and you need to filter, for example, and not have it affect others' view.  Potential drawback, you'd have to get others up to speed on this feature.  It's very easy to forget to use sheet view!

Create and manage Sheet Views in Excel - Microsoft Support