One specific Excel file is entirely grayed out when I open it.

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I'm facing a strange issue. I was working on one of my Excel files (password protected) and suddenly I possibly pressed some button(s) by mistake (not sure), causing the file to vanish from the screen. There were a couple of other open files still working fine though.

When I open that file again giving its password, then it shows that everything is grayed out (pasted below). Even the title bar is not showing the same file name. Then I tried opening other files, and they opened just fine and worked as usual. 

Can anyone help urgently? It has some critical data that I need.





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Thanks Patrick. It worked (sigh of relief). In fact, I noticed that this "Unhide" button was the only clickable and rest all grayed out
Thanks again!
Glad it worked. Typically the Hide workbook feature is used with the Personal Macro workbook to give one access to macros but keep the book hidden.