one my friend need help his file


He need with submit button on top half. to submit form to worksheet. he want simple code that he can configure out.


Bottom half is for search info have button for search, he had update button just case he change any info, He also have clear button clear search area. He we simple cod for both selection


Thanks You


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See the attached version.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Screenshot 2021-11-21 101017.jpgScreenshot 2021-11-21 101124.jpg

I got error after I put Tony and today date


That is not a problem of the code, but of your formula in the Days Remain column: it fails if today is the person's birth date.

I have change the formula for age and birth date and now it works OK.

my added a remove button he want button clear textboxes and remove row where data is location data removed data from worksheet go back to normal

Thanks you
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See the attached version.

how i do highlight row when i do search


New version attached.