One Long Vertical Row to write script in vs lots of horizontal rows - How?

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I want to write a script in the purple field but it is currently in multiple horizontal rows ... that doesn't work. I want it to be one long vertical column with one row so I don't have to fill in multiple horizontal rows with the script ...


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It's far more helpful to post a copy of the actual spreadsheet rather than an image.


That said, I'm not a macro or VBA user, but it's definitely my impression that those features occupy their own space on separate tabs, not to the right of a "normal" spreadsheet. So you may be asking for something that doesn't exist.


That said, what is it that you want this sheet to do, leaving aside the question of a VBA script...from the looks of the left side, you're wanting fairly routine financial calculations, so it's entirely possible that you don't need a script in the first place.


So could you describe the purpose of the spreadsheet itself, and what isn't yet working, what results are desired. Let the various experts here offer VBA as well as non-VBA solutions, if possible.

@glennparis  I think what you are looking to do is write a paragraph or what not about the information on the sheet and want it to automatically word-wrap in that column and not have to manually type a few words in each row.  You can easily do this using "Merge & Center", which is found on the 'Home' tab under the 'Alignment' group.  Just highlight the column of cells you want to make 1 and click that button and you should be good to go (and make sure 'Wrap Text' is also click, which is right next to 'Merge & Center')