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Dear reader.


I've just found out the briliance of PivotTableAnalyze - Options - Show Report Filter Pages.

That said, I'm trying to include one common header for all sheets, but can't find it out.


In my example, in the pivot table, I have put the report receiver in the field Fielters. Then used the function Show Report Filter Pages, that is, 221 sheets.


These sheets will work as reports, and I'm trying to put in one common header, that is our company logo. But, it seems to be that I have to do this insert for all 221 sheets.


If anyone can help me by inserting the header just one time, that should be included on the top of every sheets, I'm glad to hear from you.


If anything is unclear, please tell me, and I will try to formulate this in another way.


All the best,


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Hi @Tom_Stian_Lindhjem 


the easiest way to do it is like this:

1. Select all sheets by right-clicking one sheet and chose "Select All Sheets"


Then it should look like this:



2. Goto menu "Page Layout" and klick on the little Page Setup icon on the right bottom corner:


3. Open the Header/Footer tab and click on "Custom Header..."


4. Enter all the desired information in the left, center or right section. If you want to include a picture, select the "Insert Picture" icon and choose the picture:



Please note, the all the headers are not directly visible in the different sheets, but in the print preview and on the printed documents.


But if you need them visible in the sheets, I guess there is no easy way to do it. So either insert them manually sheet by sheet (which I understand is a pain with 200+ sheets) or you have to find a VBA solution.