One Drive/excel online wrong time zone

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Excel online =Now() is bringing in a different timezone.  My account information on my office 365 account is correct.  Anyone else have this issue and have a fix?  Thank you!

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You need to change regional settings for OneDrive on web.


To solve the problem, kindly follow the steps below to change the Time Zone
1. From OneDrive, select the gear icon beside the ?
2. Select Site Settings
3. Under Site Administration, select "Regional Settings"
4. Select the Time Zone that is peculiar to your Region
5. Click OK

Next time you use the NOW function is Excel, it returns the desired date and current time.. I hope this helps



Hi dear


I tried the steps that you were mentioning but I couldn't get any setting when I clicked on the setting gear, I only found "Third party notice" under that as you can see in the picture below, do you know the reason for that?


Thanks in advance




Now for Excel for web that's File->Options->Regional Format Settings


I had the same question and unfortunately all answers here are incorrect (maybe the behavior was changed recently?).
So I experimented a little and found out that Excel online uses the timezone of your browser (most browsers use the timezone from your Windows settings afaik).