One (1) unique ID for reference with two (2) data return (or) - Xlookup formula

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I need help with the formula for Xlookup. My data have One (1) unique ID for reference, which will also show multiple data names as returns. I require the data can be selected as either A or B.


Unique ID: Telco-01

Return Data: Main Office Link or Main Office (Backup Link)



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You didn't mention what problem you facing with XLOOKUP(). Can you show few sample input data then desired output by formula?



Hi. Sorry. My argument was

"=XLOOKUP(E9,'Y:\DB Files\DB\[Database Sites.xlsx]Site Master list'!$C:$C,'Y:\DB Files\DB\[Database Sites.xlsx]Site Master list'!$B:$B,,1,-1)"  


yet I need the data to return as multiple choice (choosable) which IF inserted "AA-01" it will return as "Main Office Link" or " Main Office Link (Backup).  Please assist. Thank you.