on my spread sheet when I enter a date and move to the next cell, it changes into a number

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I am doing an expense spread sheet entering receipts and it has been doing fine.  However, all of a sudden, every time I enter a date now, and tab to the next cell, it changes inot a number.  If I change the date, the number changes.  It will delete only to reappear where ever I enter that date.  I hven't been able to find the problem, let alone fix it.  Very frustrated.

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Dates in Excel are actually sequential integer numbers starting from 1 which is equivalent of 01 Jan, 1900.


If you enter the date into the cell formatted as General and Excel recognizes it as the date, it automatically converts it into human friendly date format defined for your OS.


If cell formatted as Date, value will be returned in defined for this cell date format.


If cell formatted as Number, number will be returned.


Please check your formatting, that's most probable reason.