On Excel File Closing - Receive Out of Memory Warning and Closing of Application

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I have a reasonably large file with VBA code and Userforms. Frequently, upon closing this file I receive the error "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - Out of memory". Once I have closed the error message the entire Excel application and all open workbooks are shutdown and Excel restarts. The problem seems to occur most often when I have been in the VB editor but I cannot say that it only happens then. This issue happens even after I have cleared the clipboard (which I have never had to do before for any other file). I have rebuilt the file., I changed Excel to have Admin rights but that screwed up other things and had to have MS fix that.   Help!

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Any User Defined FUnctions called from cells in your file?

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank you for asking this question Jan Karel. I am experiencing the same issue and I do indeed have user defined functions from cells in my file. Specifically:

a generic public function: UserName = ENVIRON("UserName") and  another UserAccess = Application.WorksheetFunction.Vlookup(UserName,tblUserRange,2,0).

Could this be a potential source of error?