OLAP cube refresh fail

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Hi all,

I create a cub file from MS Project. In Excel I create a pivot table based on the cube as an external connection. So far Excel is working fine and the pivot is running.

However, after saving the xlsx and reopen it, the data connection cannot refresh.


After checking the whole windows system together with the ms support I dont know what can be done ...

Thank you for help, Peter




system: Windows 10 64 , MS 365, MS Project 2019



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solved the problem, I dont know if it is an Excel issue ...

After reopen the excel file, do not refresh data. Instead choose a pivot table field and do some action with it. Check a box and uncheck the same box is enough. Then close the the field and do the refresh
One cannot do the refreh on open the file, this will cause the faul of the refresh.

Please Microsoft, fix this issue.

cheers Peter

Thanks for posting this. I had exactly the same issue and was ready to despair as I just built a dashboard based on this MS Project data export. I assume it's some sort of issue with the way Excel links to the file on the filesystem.

Who knows if this will ever get fixed. I will setup a macro in the short term to perform this action and data refresh all in one go.