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I've recently been "upgraded" to M365 on my work computer, and it's been .... interesting.... There's a lot of changes, a lot of things have moved around. I'm getting used to it, and finding out how to solve things that are new/bugging me. However, I'm yet to find a solution to relative hyperlinks. 


I have one Excel Workbook which is my index/summary of a bunch of other spreadsheets/docs. The index doc shows me where the other information is stored and its status. I want to hyperlink to each of the child spreadsheets/documents, which are in sub-folders of the folder my index workbook is in. E.g. there is one spreadsheet holding the data for each date. Previously, this would just link to "\2022-01-21\dailydata.xlsx". If it was in a parallel folder, it would link to "..\otherProject\docs\mydoc.docx". 


Now I'm on M365 and OneDrive, EVERYTHING is linked to the online address for the OneDrive doc, e.g. a link to a file in the same folder as the spreadsheet I'm working on, instead of being "TheOtherSheet.xlsx", is instead linked to ""...!!!


Yes, the links still work and open the local file when I'm offline (critical!). However, it doesn't make any sense, and it makes the links harder to quickly check / understand visually. I haven't tested what would happen if I were to move a project folder containing relative references to sub-folders; I'm assuming that OneDrive will fix the links...? Sort of afraid to try.


Is there any way to get the old style relative hyperlinks back?


Update: I've just discovered that when I click on one of these hyperlinks to a file on my PC, it downloads it from the cloud, creating a new file in my downloads folder instead of opening the bloody file on my PC!!!!

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I got an answer on Stack OverFlow that looks like it is working:

Configure OneDrive to turn OFF "Use Office application to sync Office files" in OneDrive Settings / Office

Perhaps some office Gurus can comment on any side effects of this setting, other that what's shown in the help.
I can't find a way to do it on the first try - adding the anchor pretty much always defaults to OneDrive - BUT if you include a line right after that says "ActiveCell.Hyperlinks(1).SubAddress = target" with "target" being a string to the cell you want to reference in the file you want to get to, it at least works for hyperlinks inside of your current document.



I have been battling this problem, pdf hyperlinks going to MS Edge. My work around is to reference the linked document via C:\Users\{username}\{OneDrive name}\...

I get a 'Trust Centre' warning message, but this is a small inconvenience for my links to launce into Acrobat.

Hope this is useful.