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DEAR FOUNDER, sorry to disturb you.

I have a difficult problem now. Here is description. I'm using the application which is your product named Excel .The suffix of the file is xlsx, software edition is excel 2016. However, while I click it to open, edition has changed to excel 2007, including other software like word 2016 and powerpoint 2016. This situation has lasted 1 day.

What happened to me? 

Whether if editions which I mentioned office 2016 and office 2007 are incompatible?

What can I do to solve.

Hope you can take sometime to answer my question. Wish you happy and your business is booming.


我现在有一个难题,下面是描述。我使用的应用程序是你的产品Excel。文件后缀为xlsx,软件版本为excel 2016。然而,当我点击它打开时,版本已经改为excel 2007,包括word 2016和powerpoint 2016等其他软件。这种情况持续了一天。


我提到的office 2016和office 2007版本是否不兼容?



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Use Excel with earlier versions of Excel

Compatibility mode

将 Excel 与早期版本的 Excel 一起使用


Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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@NikolinoDESorry, I think you may not understand what I said. I'll send you a video to show this situation by e-mail. Pay your attention to your inbox please.

I found it hard to send you video by e-mail which you reply me. Can you give me your email?


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Problem had been solved thank u. Pleased to anwser my questions. Hope your business thrives and you're healthy.
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thank you for your time