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Hi there.

My computer was broken and i formatted my windows.  I installed office and then imported my old exports for ribbon customization imports for  my  quick access toolbar and ribbon. I don't know it was because of this import but i really didn't like it.


It was like that earlier: 







But now it changed like this:







How can i change it back? Can you please help me?


Note: it says my office is up to date




Thanks in advcance.

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Has your operating system changed from Windows 10 to Windows 11?



Nope. It's still windows 10. 


i imported this file for outlook ribbon.


And this file for excel quick access toolbar:


I cannot put that kind of files here because they are not supported here. And i knew my outlook ribbon import file was prepared while i am using office 2019.


When i notice something was wrong, i uninstalled my office and installed it again but it was same and my outlook was already updated. that means it didn't started from zero to install, so settings were same. Maybe i should uninstall office from my computer registery editor as well. I don't know what to do now.



You may do full uninstall, Option 2 here Uninstall Office from a PC ( It cleans all settings.

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@Sergei Baklan  Thanks for your informing.


Yesterday it didn't work but just now it asked me to change office look to new look. Then i selected it. It changed now xD



And this is for outlook:


To sum up, we need to open Try new experience somehow xD


Thank you guys. Stay with excel !