Office 365 Excel stopped auto-expanding a table

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I've done some searching, but traditional fixes like checking the options (O365 doesn't have those), clearing data under the table, and creating a macro (I shouldn't need to do this to fix what I did not break) are a no-go.

My shared workbook has a table that has suddenly stopped auto-expanding when adding another row. I'm up to 669 rows. It stopped working at 666, so that's not suspicious at all... Columns A-AZ are populated with extensive formulas on about half of them.

Any ideas? I've dumped like 80 hours into this workbook and really don't want to re-make it.

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You're sure the option to auto-expand tables is checked (File, Options, Proofing tab, Autocorrect button, "Apply as you work", "Include new rows and columns in table" check box)?

@Jan Karel PieterseThat option does not exist on Excel for web. I will open it on the desktop editor and see if that is enabled

It is enabled on the desktop editor and works as expected.

@wilsonbps Given that I was unable to find any relevant hits when googling for this issue I suggest you open the workbook in question in your browser and click the "Give feedback to Microsoft" link (bottom-right corner of the window) and then click I don't like something button. It will send some diagnostics data to MSFT along with your comment.

I'm having this same issue and its driving me batty. Did you ever find a solution?

@Jules6598I just stopped using the web version. It's quicker that way