Office 365 Excel - Highlight Cell Changes based on Date

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I am working in Excel on the Web through Office 365.  It is saved on OneDrive and I have it shared to people to edit. 


I am hoping there is a way to highlight cells that have changed based on a date range.  I have a document that is shared with many people.  They move number of units from column to column based on the stage it is in.  We have other departments use this data as a trigger to do actions in their job.  Currently you can see the changes in the document if you click on View then Show Changes.  However I would like to make this even easier for the user to see all changes made on the document within that week.


So if I have a cell that contains a date would I be able to use conditionally formatting that would highlight cells that have changed their value that is greater than the date that I provide?  

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That's interesting task. Perhaps that could be done with Office Script, not sure.