Office 365 Excel functions DATEDIF and XLOOKUP not available

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Hello good day - presently I unable to to see functions DATEDIF and XLOOKUP. Are these Add-ins features or how do I load? Yes, I have correctly uninstalled Office 365 the performed new installation. Thanks- regards.

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DATEDIF function ( is practically in any version of Excel, but it is not shown in list of functions (see comment in above support post). Thus simply type in cell =DATEDIF(...


XLOOKUP function ( most probably shall be available on all channels for Microsoft 365, includes semi-annual. But I'm not sure about Office 365.

@Sergei Baklan 

I tried typing =DATEDIF(... and the parameters and get a #NAME? Error.


Please try to open attached file if it works in your environment


@Sergei Baklan Thank you for your download. It was very helpful in troubleshooting a similar issue I had. My error was #NUM!. Your formula worked, so I Googled #NUM error and found out that the dates have to be in (earlier date, later date) order. Fortunately, all my dates are progressive, but curious if =DATEDIF function can work if dates increase and decrease (resulting in a negative number of months). Again, thank you.

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No, Excel doesn't support negative time and date directly. As workaround that could be


Use DAX function
=DATEDIFF(Sheet no.[column no],Today(),Year)